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Welcome to the website, for helping you to understand and choose the broadband service that fit in your requirement, Telecom Technology Center (hereinafter refer to as 'TTC') sincerely invite you to join the broadband internet speed users testing program (hereinafter refer to as 'program').

During this program, TTC needs your agreement to provide your personal information, including cell phone number, e-mail address, gender, residence, broadband internet service operator and so on. Also needs the test result of your smart phone, computer or other devices during the test. TTC promises to keep your information properly and submit a report after analysis and research with Fu Jen University, Department of Statistics and Information Science when the entire effective test finished.

If you need to check, add, delete or correct the personal information, please mail to directly, TTC will deal with it immediately.

For appreciate people’s participation, everyone provides effective information for TTC can join the draw. There are some detail instruction below in 'Reward Measure'.

Registration Notice

1. If you want to join the mobile broadband internet speed test, you need to have a smart phone with any operator’s internet service; such as Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile, Far EasTone Telecommunication, Vibo Telecom and Asia Pacific Telecom. TTC will provide an test speed app to you, and it downloads, uploads and opens the website every 2-3 hours automatically, it may cause lots of data, if you do not have unlimited internet rate, please make sure you check the unlimited icon when you log in and do not turn on the app when abroad. If the telecommunications fees increase because of this, TTC will not do any subsidy, it is hereby announced.

2. If you want to join the mobile broadband internet speed test, you need to be a home user of Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile Broadband, Far EasTone Broadband, Asia Pacific Telecom, Kbro broadband, bb broadband (CNS), TBC, CATV, Unioncatv Cable TV, Hualien Cable TV or Tong Ya Cable TV.

3. Finish the register is not equal to join the test speed program; after estimate, TTC will notice the participators by text and e-mail and explain how to install the app and the rules.

4. Participators must not try to falsify, change, do reverse engineering, get into forbid area or alter the test speed app by any method.

5. If you are the employee of mobile or fixable broadband internet service operators, please do not join the test.

6. This plan starts from April every year and separate to two steps. The first step about finish on 31, July; the second step is about on 31, October.

Reward Method

1.Everyone who signs up to join 2015 yearly fixed broadband internet measurements in Yilan, Hualien, Taitung, Kinmen, Lienchiang and Peng-hu before 31, March, 2015 and passes TTC’s verification can get an exercise arm phone bag as early bird gift of either a limited number, while stock lasts.

2. TTC will select each 10 winners from mobile broadband and fixed broadband by a raffle drawing, the winner's prize will be a Tablet. People who are qualified for the raffle drawing are required to participate and finish the test to get an "Effective sample code" in every step of mobile and fixed test.

3. During the test period in every step, the testing record returned pass to TTC automatically above 4 times a day by the speed test app on participator’s terminal facilities, and will become the effective sample after accumulate 15 days above. TTC will send a 'Effective sample code' to people who has effective sample by text and email. As you have the code, you can join the raffle drawing.

4. TTC will draw out 10 winners in mobile broadband and fixed broadband individually with a lawyer’s witness after every step. Also announce the prizewinner list 'Mobile phone number' on the website and inform the winners by text and email. The winners should send the 'Effective sample code' or click the link in the email to make sure the 'Effective sample code' and 'Mobile phone number' are correct with TTC (Address: 3F., No.1, Yuandong Rd., Banciao Dist., New Taipei City 22063). After filling in the personal information, you can get the prize.

5. The drawing day will announce on the website, please visit us regularly to get the latest news.

6. Others
A. TTC will not reissue the 'Effective sample code' if you lost it, and regards as renounce the qualifications.
B. According to the tax law of R.O.C, if the value of the prize is over 1000 NTD, it has to be count in your personal income when file tax return; if over 13,333NTD, the winner needs to pay 15% Income from Contests and Games and from Prizes and Awards Won by Chance Tax.
C. If not follow the contracted to fill up the personal information or pay the tax, TTC regards as giving up the prize and there’s no another waiting list winners.
D. Winners have to claim the award in 30 days after drawing, behind the time, TTC will regard as you give up the right.
E. The employees and the family of executive body and suppliers can not join the draw.

7. TTC reserve the right to modify, to insert, and/or to withdraw any part of the rules and details specified herein.

Privacy right protection policy

1. The extent of privacy right protection policy
This policy works on your personal information that TTC gets when you using the website, including the private information that may make your identity exposed, such as, cell phone number or e-mail address. Privacy right protection policy is not suitable to other links outside from this website and the personnel that TTC authorized or management.

2. Information collecting and using
As you join the broadband internet speed test plan (hereafter refer to as” the plan”), we will ask you to provide some personal information, including cell phone number, e-mail address, gender, residence, broadband internet service supplier and so on. During the plan period, TTC compiles the statistics and analyses of the information. The result data or statement only for internal research, will announce the data and statement if need be, but not related to specific person’s personal information, unless gets your agreement or there are some special rules in other laws, TTC absolutely will not expose your personal information to the third person or make it to another purpose.

3. The revision and deletion of personal information
If you need to check, add, delete or revise the personal information, please mail to directly, TTC will deal with it as soon as possible. After delete you personal information, TTC will only keep your test result to do analyze and research.

4. Information protection
The mainframe of the website has fire wall, antivirus system and other information security facilities and necessary safety protection measures to protect the website and your personal information, only the authorized person can see it.

5. Privacy right protection policy revising
The website may revise the policy in irregularly time to fit in the latest privacy protection rules. If TTC needs to do any substantially revise on using personal information rules, will announce on the website to notice you.

6. Question and advice
If you have any suggestion or doubt of our privacy right protection policy or how TTC collect, use and renew your personal information, please mail

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