Project Introduction


Broadband network construction represents not only a crucial sector of national infrastructures, but also a national core competence in the 21st century. According to a FIND investigation which was made by Institute for Information Industry, it indicates the penetration of households broadband in 2011 officially beyond 80% in Taiwan; whereas the penetration of mobile users who can access to internet also increased to 70%.

Though the broadband service develops and users increase rapidly, there are lots of complains about the speed of mobile broadband, which is limited by the service providers’ network quality, geography and rush hour congestion and etc. In addition, users of broadband service experience the speed is different to their declarations, which impacts users’ right.


Mobile Broadband Speed Measurements

In order to determine users’ actual experience of mobile broadband speed and establish a reliable evaluation mechanism, Telecom Technology Center (hereafter as "TTC") continues driving the "National Mobile Broadband Speed Measurement Plan". This plan wants to assemble the users of mobile broadband service to participate during May to November in 2015 for testing and analyzing service providers’ broadband service.

Fixed Broadband Speed Measurement

Moreover, the activity of "National Fixed Broadband Speed Measurement" is held from Sep. 18th, 2013 to Dec. 31st, 2015. Participants must be home users who has independent modems and subscribe to one of the following service providers: Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile broadband, Far Eastone Seednet, Asia Pacific Telecom, Kbro broadband, bb broadband (China Network Systems), Taiwan Broadband Communications, Tung Tai Cable TV Corp., Union Cable TV, Hualien Cable TV Network, or T. Y. Cable TV Co., Ltd.

Your participation and assistance will help the evalution result of this Plan, it will urge service providers to pay much more attention on their services quality and establish broadband better. Furthermore, the results of the Plan will be announced periodically for providing users enough transparent information and letting users enable to chose their broadband service in accordance with their own needs. You are welcomed to register for the Plan, and your participation and support will be the most crucial aid for the broadband service development of Taiwan.


  1. Due to the testing regions and structures, TTC cannot guarantee that every subscribers, no matter via online or hardcopy registrations, can participate in this Plan. TTC will review and select qualified subscribers, then TTC will notify official participants by phone calls or emails and delivery speed testing boxes by postal. It only needs to follow the instructions to install the speed testing box and it will run automatically. Once there is enough efficient data accumulated, participants will have a qualification for raft draw activity (the prize will be a PC tablet).
  2. People who are from eastern Taiwan and off-shore islands, register in the Plan and get verification can get an early bird gift (a jog case for mobiles).

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